Sonic Automotive

Automotive retail giant Sonic Automotive Inc. has partnered with automation platform Instabase Inc. for its document processing capabilities. Instabase’s accounts payable invoice processing solution software can convert disorganized information into structured data, including vehicle registrations, VINs, and customers’ personal information. 

Sonic Automotive has a large amount of documentation to sift through and process when onboarding new dealers and issuing invoices and payments to everyone involved in the car buying process. Traditional business practices and earlier technologies leave room for both technological and human error, causing the need for additional analyses and corrections, which leads to an increase in costs and lengthier processing times. 

Instabase says the process is done with “unprecedented accuracy, enabling straight-through processing and rapid time to value for customers.” The partnership’s ultimate goal is to reduce the time Sonic Automotive spends aggregating and processing paperwork to minutes instead of days. 

Sonic Automotive’s Vice President of the Center of Process Excellence, Jeff King, said his company is “excited” about the partnership and added, “The Instabase platform and capabilities offer solutions to understand documents and images at a level we have not seen previously in the marketplace, opening up new opportunities for Sonic to continue expanding its automation platform.”

Instabase’s Vice President of Growth, Joe Ramieri, also shared King’s excitement and added that the collaboration “reflects the evolving focus of our offering to solve unstructured data problems across industries including automotive, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, government, and beyond.”

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