How Should You Be Sharing Content On Your Dealership’s Social Media Accounts?

Sarah Epstein, Director of Social Media at gives insight to what content you should be sharing on your dealership’s social media accounts and how to customize each post specifically for different channels.

Social Media

Social media platforms are very opportunistic for dealerships. When built and managed correctly, it can increase your visibility and sales. Recently Facebook stated that they will be altering algorithms to show less content from brands and or business. Yes, this can cause viewership of your site to decreases but Sarah does not think it’s anything that should alarm you. Social channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are ever changing and will continue to be. Instead, focus on creating and sharing the right content that really displays who you are.

Content should be customized differently for each platform. Think about your audience and how to create content that is more likely to engage with those users. Not all social media platforms are created equal. Over-posting is a real thing and could harm your brand when done incorrectly. For example, Twitter is a channel that could be updated and posted on multiple times a day. It’s a live board for information and being present on it at multiple times of the day is actually good. On the other hand, you do not want to do the same on Instagram. Instagram’s build is geared for pictures and could be a great tool to use when you want to highlight new inventory. Keep all post original and creative.

It is recommended to have a person in charge of driving and producing your social media. Yet, keep an open mind and allow everyone to contribute in a way that works for them and the dealership. By doing so, you are giving your media channels a look at your dealership through multiple viewpoints and capitalizing on brining in different audiences. It’s important to show a well-rounded experience of your dealership. You are not just trying to showcase inventory to produce sales. You want to present who you are, what drives your dealership, and how your employees are the best around.