Sales expert Sean Gardner on 3 simple ways car dealers can kick off 2022 with a bang

Although the new year has just begun, could we be on the other side of the pandemic? For over 35 years Joe Verde Group has been a lead trainer for dealers, managers, and salespeople around the world. Sean Gardner, instructor and sales trainer with the Joe Verde Group joins us today to share his perspective on the year ahead and three ways car dealers can have a strong start to 2022.

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1. Have a positive attitude: Everything starts with an enthusiastic can-do attitude. If car dealers and salespeople want to further increase revenues this year, they have dial-up the belief and confidence in their own abilities. This is the key to selling more cars in 2022. There has to be a true belief that you can turn every digital opportunity into an appointment that results in a sale.

2. Set improvement goals: Self-improvement can help self-belief and confidence in a big way. Preparation builds confidence. A lot of salespeople out there might set goals but not necessarily improvement goals. Dealership personnel needs to come into work every day with a plan on how to get the most out of each day.

3. Learn how to handle price: In order to remain profitable while enduring these market conditions, dealers have to handle price like a pro. It’s time to sell more cars and really put your best foot forward.

The biggest difference between a salesperson making $60,000 and another making $300,000 is their attitude, work ethic, and ability and skills at handling price. As long as dealers pay attention to and address these three things, the immediate difference will be astounding.

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