5 ways to deliver at least one vehicle per day, each day of the month – Sean Gardner, Joe Verde Group

Just how much are you leaving on the table in terms of vehicle delivery? Joining us today is Sean Gardner, Instructor and Sales Trainer with the Joe Verde Group shares five ways to deliver at least one vehicle per day every day of the month.

Gardner kicks off the conversation by sharing the first tip on how to deliver at least one vehicle per day.

  1. Doing a daily inventory walk. It is extremely important, especially since there has been an inventory shortage. Dealers should know what new cars are on the lot and online.
  2. Prioritize unsold customers. Gardner says, that the unsold prospect is by far the hottest customer type. 38% of customers buy within the first four hours, shopping at their first dealership. Questions to ask yourself are, Am I getting 100% contact information before they leave without buying? Am I replying to their messages within 10 minutes? If salespeople used follow-up strategies, Gardner says, they’ll have customers coming back the same day, they left.
  3. Salespeople need to keep their pipeline full. They need to learn how to get customers in the door, who call them by name, and learn how to create their own traffic. Once they learn how to advertise themselves better, Gardner believes they can quadruple their closing ratios.
  4. Set goals that produce results. Gardner says we work too hard to hope something good happens. We need to learn how to turn our good intentions into incredible results
  5. Practice your craft. Commit to 10 minutes a day, of working on your craft. Stay mentally sharp.

In conclusion, Gardner says, if you do these five things and make them a priority each day, your odds will substantially increase in delivering one vehicle per day, every single day of the month.

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