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Record-breaking car salesman Ali Reda reveals what keeps him motivated

On the latest episode of Straight to the Point, host Frank J. Lopes is joined by Ali Reda, the country’s top car salesperson. Operating out of Les Stanford dealership in Dearborn, Mich., Reda is the world-record holder of the most vehicles sold in one year, as well as the most vehicles sold in one month. 

Host and automotive retail expert, Frank J. Lopes, gets straight to the point and asks Reda how he got so astonishingly good at selling cars. Reda says he’s been blessed throughout his career. He recognizes that he’s selling way more than just a product. He’s selling himself and the overall experience at the car dealership.

“Every high achiever always wants more,” says Reda. “People always ask me, ‘what is the limit?’– There is no limit, right? I always want more…There’s always another level that you can hit.”

In order to achieve higher levels of performance, Reda says that you have to want it and work for it. No one will hand success to you. He also says that you have to be open to change. As performance increases, strategies and processes have to adapt to keep up.

With such a successful career, Lopes wonders why Reda never decided to pursue upper management. Reda says that salespeople work for their clients, and managers work for their dealer or owner. He adds that within an organization, there are limits to what managers can and cannot do. A salesperson, however, can grow and achieve at their own pace. Most importantly though, Reda believes there is no limit for how high a salesperson can go.

To find out more about world-record holder Ali Reda, watch the complete episode above.

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Frank Lopes
Frank Lopes
Frank has more than 20 years of experience in auto dealer marketing and has created multiple award-winning campaigns for various retail and e-commerce clients. He also is a frequent writer and speaker at industry events.

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