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Raise your hand for sales success: Matt Easton shares key tips for standing out in a competitive market

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, where we fight to have the best marketing, the coolest social media, and the lowest prices, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by your competition. Coach to sales superstars Matt Easton joins us on the latest episode of Inside Automotive to remind us that sometimes getting the sale can be as simple as raising your hand.

Key Takeaways 

1. Matt Easton acknowledges the intense pressure of competing in a cutthroat business landscape where companies strive for the best marketing, social media presence, and competitive prices. He suggests that instead of feeling overwhelmed by these factors, businesses can simplify their approach by focusing on core strategies that don’t necessarily require a hefty marketing budget or extravagant promotions. Easton emphasizes that professionals should focus on effective, straightforward tactics instead of getting caught up in comparison and competition, noting that making a sale can be as simple as raising your hand.

2. Easton emphasizes the power of personal connections and outreach. He advises making genuine phone calls to contacts, setting ego aside, and simply raising your hand to let people know you’re available for assistance or collaboration. Professionals can establish meaningful connections beyond transactional interactions by humanizing the sales process and showing authentic interest in helping others. The strategy of reaching out personally, without a sales pitch, demonstrates sincerity and can lead to long-lasting relationships and business opportunities.

3. One of the key messages in the interview is the importance of prioritizing customer needs over pushing for a sale. Easton advocates for listening to clients, understanding their pain points, and offering solutions that genuinely address their concerns. By approaching sales conversations focusing on how to genuinely help the customer, professionals can build trust and credibility, leading to more successful and sustainable business relationships. The advice to be the first one to raise your hand and let clients know if something isn’t a fit showcases a commitment to honesty and integrity in business dealings.

4. According to Easton, successful professionals have a structured process and trust in that process. This involves having a systematic approach to acquiring a business that doesn’t rely solely on personal connections or charisma. Setting ego aside, actively listening to clients, and demonstrating genuine care are key attributes that distinguish professionals from amateurs in the sales and business world.

5. In summary, the interview provides a recipe for success that revolves around caring for clients, showing genuine interest, and being willing to help even if it doesn’t immediately result in a sale. By following structured processes, prioritizing customer needs, and building authentic connections, professionals can differentiate themselves in a competitive market and lay the foundation for long-term success and client loyalty.

"If you need anything regarding sales coaching or just have a question or want to bounce an idea off of somebody, whether you do business with us or not, I live and breathe this stuff." - Matt Easton.

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