Nissan’s new EV program—what does it mean for dealers?

Nissan is making the switch to electric vehicles easier with the introduction of EV Carefree+ and new customer initiatives. These initiatives include an eight-year or 100,000-mile EV battery warranty and three years of complimentary maintenance lasting 36,000 miles at certified Nissan locations.

Over the next few years, Nissan is planning to launch several high-volume electric sedans and SUVs. Therefore, the impact of EVs on dealer fixed ops will only get worse. With low-maintenance EVs straining fixed ops, the Carefree+ program will have the ability to soften customer retention rates. 

With complimentary services reassuring owners that their EV is adequately maintained, it will also generate “customer touch points” for dealers. However, service departments will continue to face significant challenges as a result of the EV market in the years to come. 

If done right, customer satisfaction and loyalty rates could increase and keep the consumer in the dealer franchise system. For instance, battery-powered vehicles may require less service than combustion engines, but reports show that EV owners remain more likely to stick to manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules. 

Additionally, EVs have fewer components susceptible to breakage, and therefore, when their high-voltage batteries and complex e-motors need repairing, the repairs can be more complicated but more profitable for the dealer’s certified technicians.

Nissan dealers hope to establish a long-term service-building relationship with EVs to assist in the service department revenue.

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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