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Matt Easton on the importance of having effective time management skills

On today’s episode of Inside Automotive, Matt Easton, sales trainer, consultant, and founder of Easton University joins us to discuss time management strategies. 

Time management, specifically in sales, is a life skill that develops into a lever that never goes away. Therefore, time is the most valuable resource when the economy deteriorates. However, most people believe that time is very valuable, but they don’t believe it should be micromanaged.

To assist sales representatives with organizing their time during the day, Easton suggested the use of a goal sheet. These worksheets are designed to help people manage their workload, value their time, and aim for greater concentration throughout the working day. 

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How to create a sheet to set goals:

1. An image or vision board should be at the top. This creates the drive to accomplish something you don’t currently have. According to Easton, having a photo of his family would encourage him because he loves them, but it might not necessarily push him on the right path to meet his sales goals.

2. As though you already have them, list your objectives. He writes, “I have 10,000 students attending Easton University,” on Easton’s sheet. I will, but I don’t yet. Write down your daily goals as you begin your day so that you have the motivation to go out and achieve them.

3. To hold yourself accountable, create a list of your daily routines and a call log of dots. If any of your habits are missed, mark them with a check mark so that you can see what requires more or less attention throughout the day. To make it easier to trust the process, color-code your log’s by voicemails, responses, or opportunities.

The main outtake here is to modify the things you can manage and to have faith in your non-negotiables process. Credibility is built through time management, which enables greater discipline. It’s never too late to start because developing such habits won’t cost you anything, but failing to do so will.

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