Jessica Stafford: How to connect customers from online to the showroom


Global accessibility to the internet allows shoppers an outlet to connect, research, and ultimately purchase online without leaving their home. In response, Dealerships are becoming more creative by revamping their digital marketing and adapting to a mobile-first experience. Are you wondering how a company improves their webspace to encourage buyers to move from an online source and into a showroom? We asked Jessica Stafford, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Autotrader, in a recent interview with CBT News. She explains what their 2018 looks like and how it benefits users looking to buy, dealers, and even their employees.

Jessica starts by talking about how Autotrader kicked off the year rolling out a new look on their website homepage and media platforms. Using innovative technology, they are able to create a more user-friendly digital software that beneficially supports both the consumers and dealers with an emphasis on customizing tools to identify the wants and needs of each user. One addition she touched on is integrating information provided by Kelly Blue Book into their search tool for price transparency. With all of their upgraded changes, they are moving forward to bridge the gap in digital retail.

As they continue to improve their marketing strategies, Jessica is also excited about their culture as a brand. She explains how their environment is cultivating women leaders and encouraging their growth along with other company initiatives- evermore proving how dedicated they are to making 2018 a year for industry excellence driven by their innovation and execution.


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