On today’s CBT Newscast for Tuesday, February 13th, 2018:

Jessica Stafford: How to connect customers from online to the showroom
At the beginning of this year, your team set goals. Your managers looked at what worked in 2017 and what didn’t work and made a commitment to change those things that didn’t work. Improving the connection from when customers go from online to your showroom was a priority. Jessica Stafford, Senior VP and GM of Autotrader, says it’s just as important for dealers to adapt to a mobile-first experience. Companies also need to be on top of revamping product innovation, especially when figuring out how to get people in their vehicles faster. Watch Now

Carlos Ghosn: The car market in 2018 is sustainable because of this one move
When it comes to pay structure at your dealership, does your team deserve a raise? Among all of the hiring experts we’ve spoken to over the past five years, each one has mentioned, “increased pay” as a motivator for hiring and keeping good employees. In a recent interview with Fox News, Carlos Ghosn, Chairman of the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance, was asked how tax reform systematically changed auto retail predictions going into 2018 and how it impacts dealers. Watch Now

Customers want these services, but your dealership doesn’t offer them. Why not?
Does your dealership deliver vehicles to people for test drives? Do they offer the application process on your website where customers can get qualified, approved, and close on a transaction on a mobile device? If you said no to both, there are companies that are out there that will do those things for customers. George Arison, Founder of Shift, told Fortune that his business model is attracting certain groups like millennials and females because these groups aren’t finding what they want at dealerships. Watch Now



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