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Jaguar Land Rover delays EV launches due to surging demand for plug-in hybrids

Following impressive fiscal third-quarter sales, JLR has announced plans to introduce four new electric vehicles (EVs) within the next two years.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has delayed the launch of two electric models due to the unexpected demand for their plug-in hybrid vehicles. Following opening orders in December, the JLR has observed a significant surge in demand for its first electric Range Rover.

Following impressive fiscal third-quarter sales, JLR has announced plans to introduce four new electric vehicles (EVs) within the next two years. In 2021, Land Rover had initially revealed plans to launch six all-electric vehicles under the Range Rover, Discovery, and Defender brands by 2026.

In the company’s earnings call, CEO Adrian Mardell admitted that they were not meeting their three-year-old target. However, the company is taking its time to ensure that it manufactures the best vehicles it has ever developed, as stressed by Mardell.

Land Rover delayed its EVs despite more than 16,000 customers signing up for the waitlist since the automaker began accepting orders for the first electric Range Rover in December.

The Range Rover is claimed to be the most refined vehicle ever created. It features revolutionary active road noise cancellation technology for a quiet cabin.

The company has also announced that its new luxury electric SUV will outmatch any other electric SUV regarding towing, wading, and all-terrain capabilities. The company claims it can climb the GMC Hummer EV and wade through up to 33.5 inches of water.

The business declared that it is undergoing its “Most rigorous” testing program on electric Range Rover prototypes to date. In the near future, Land Rover will introduce an all-electric Range Rover Sport that will be powered by the MLA platform, which currently powers both ICE and PHEV variants. The two models, which will be smaller, will be constructed on its planned EMA platform in the meantime. The existing Range Rover Evoque and Discovery Sporty, slated for electrified vehicle modifications, will be replaced by the same platform.

Jaguar plans to release an electric four-door GT model next year, which could cost up to $126,000. The company is also working on a second electric model.

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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