Is now the time to switch your dealership to a one-person sales model?

Changing consumer expectations and behaviors continue to drive many of the operational shifts in retail automotive today. Therefore, it is crucial to have systems in place now and ‘future-proof’ your dealership. A2Z Sync‘s one-person sales model has helped dealers achieve just that. Today on Inside Automotive, we’re learning more about the one-person sales model and how it also impacts the customer experience.

We’re pleased to welcome Natalia Giner, CEO of A2Z Sync, Patti Tremonti, Training Director for Nelson Auto Group and Managing Partner of MTN Automotive Training Systems, and Stephanie Martz, President of Thomas Auto Group.

As the world adapts to a new normal, many businesses struggle to find the right balance between online and in-person interactions. For car dealerships, the customer experience has been challenging to navigate.

“We’ve seen a lot of emphasis on online experience, but we have forgotten what happens when they come to the showroom. We have to focus on modernizing both and not forgetting our salespeople in the process.” Griner stated.

Tremonti has had challenges with customer experience both online and in person. In the traditional sales model, the experience doesn’t cater to what the customer really wants. Instead, today’s customers want control of the experience and its efficiency. With the help from A2Z, Tremonti and Nelson Auto Group have changed to a one-price and one-person sales model, which has helped change the customer experience.

Some customers have been asking for experiences similar to the ones offered by Carvana and other companies. These experiences include fully online interactions and delivery of vehicles. Martz says her store has had some of these requests but not a lot. Martz is located in a rural area, and customers are coming in for face-to-face interaction and relationships with the dealership. However, they also want a convenient and knowledgeable experience before they get to the dealership.

The one-person sales model has allowed Thomas Auto group to educate customers and inform them of the best options for their purchases. This has helped the dealership keep up with the demands of its customers.

Giner states that the technology is designed to help sales staff and customers purchase cars together, with the customer choosing their journey and the salesperson accompanying them on screen. The process is faster and more transparent, taking just an hour from start to finish. This streamlined approach benefits customers and sales staff, who find it easier to close deals.

When talking about the feedback she has gotten from customers, Martz stated, “This model is helping customers build trust with client advisors, and salespeople are finding the products easy to use and the experience overall to be positive. Training for dealerships wanting to implement this model is key, as not all salespeople will fit the mold. Overall we are seeing positive feedback from our salespeople as well with the ease of the products and overall experience.”

“It’s all about training,” says Tremonti. “And it’s a continuous process that happens on a daily basis. As long as people want to learn and grow, they can be trained – and benefit from new sales models.”

Empowering employees decreases turnover and enables your staff to be more successful. Yes, you may lose some employees in the transition to a new sales model. But, as Tremonti points out, the industry is currently seeing all-time lows in turnover.

Now is the best time to implement the one-person sales model with your teams. Your teams will be ready to go when the market picks back up.

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