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Hyundai, Mercedes, Kia among top players at 2024 CES trade show

The 2024 CES trade show starts January 9, with this year's event expected to focus on transportation, mobility, and artificial intelligence

Automakers and technology companies are preparing to unveil a host of innovative mobility and transportation products at the annual 2024 CES trade show, starting tomorrow, January 9.

Last year was an eventful period for the tech sector, with the sudden proliferation of widely available artificial intelligence platforms opening new doors for growth and improvement. While a wide array of companies will be in attendance at the CES trade show, including giants such as Google and Sony, Hyundai appears to be one of the most prominently featured car manufacturers for 2024. The South Korean brand plans to present multiple innovations, including new vehicles and its vision for a technologically advanced, environmentally friendly future.

Hyundai subsidiary 42dot plans to debut a “software-defined vehicle” (SDV) during CES 2024. The phrase refers to models capable of connecting to the internet and installing updates wirelessly, giving consumers access to new features and making certain elements of car maintenance more convenient. The new car will be Hyundai’s first SDV, although the brand hopes to transition to an SDV-only lineup by 2025.

Mercedes-Benz is also set to showcase a new feature it calls the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) virtual assistant. The system, which utilizes AI to provide a natural language interface, can receive user commands to adjust vehicle settings and other elements. The German brand describes MBUX as the “next major step” toward a “connected, personalized driving experience.”

Hyundai-owned car manufacturer Kia has its own innovations to showcase as well. The brand plans to reveal five new purpose-built vehicles (PBV) during the CES trade show, marking the first such product from a prominent automaker. PBVs are generally designed for fleet or business customers with needs specific to their sectors and can be employed for a variety of uses, such as customer transportation or package delivery. Kia will demonstrate five PBVs during the event, one of which is scheduled to launch as early as next year.

Hyundai did not participate in last year’s CES trade show. The 2023 event produced exciting moments, such as the announcement of Honda’s and Samsung’s partnership to build a technologically advanced supercar and a demonstration of BMW’s color-changing prototype vehicle.

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Colin Velez
Colin Velez
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