Life is not always smooth, and it’s common for everyone to experience at least one major setback in their personal or professional lives. However, these setbacks should not determine whether or not you are successful.

What can we learn from setbacks? 

Did you know that we can benefit from having setbacks? The future is unclear, and although we can plan specifically for our goals, many things that are out of our control can get in the way. For example, even if you plan, build, and research a fantastic work contract, that does not mean the other party will immediately accept. Truthfully, even if you get 1,000 firm no’s, all it takes is one enthusiastic yes to turn things around. 

Setbacks can also be learning curves. There is always a lesson behind a mistake or an error. Experts recommend reviewing the causes of your setback without dwelling on it. It is easy to feel down and negative when plans change, or a goal is not met. It might feel impossible now, but that does not mean it will feel that way forever.

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Make a new plan

After reviewing the causes of the major setback, you can start planning your next steps. Success is not born overnight. Making a new plan requires going back to the drawing board and researching solutions to your problem. Your plan should have defined dates and goals. There is nothing wrong with brainstorming at first, but you will never meet your goal if you don’t consider the specifics. Try creating a map of your intentions with attainable, reachable, and measurable benchmarks.

Discuss plans and goals with an expert

There is nothing harder than asking for help. It is important to realize that no matter the level of expertise you have in your industry, there is always someone with more experience. There is always something new to learn as technologies and ideas develop. Ask advice from someone you admire that has years of experience dealing with situations like yours.

Stay positive

The last and most important way to succeed and thrive after experiencing a major setback is to stay positive. This is easier said than done, but it is not impossible. Research suggests that there is a strong correlation between positivity and health. Try practicing self-affirmation by writing positive mantras to yourself. Or make a motivation board with your goals and aspirations. 

Final thoughts

It’s not easy to get up after taking a fall. But if you want to thrive and succeed, sometimes it is necessary to reset your thinking or seek out help. Speaking to an expert can also give you insight and ideas blocked from your mind. The most important thing to remember, though, is to stay positive during the experience. One setback is not the end.

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