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How to make the data analysis process faster at your dealership — Fred Fordin | Fordin Automotive

The application of data analysis has become a requisite for modern dealers, serving to guide storefronts safely through market fluctuations and allowing retailers to tailor their services based on their customers’ needs. Unfortunately, many of the tools available to the retail automotive sector lack the functionality to examine and explain data in a comprehensible way, leaving dealers ill-equipped to face an increasingly complex, information-driven world.

On this episode of Driving Solutions, host Jim Fitzpatrick is joined by Fred Fordin, founder of Fordin Automotive. Fordin made a name for himself in the automotive industry by launching the game-changing fixed-ops platform ASR Pro, a product now used by 7,000 franchised dealers between Xtime and CDK Service. Now, Fordin discusses a new innovation that will revolutionize the way car retailers conduct data analysis and engage with their customers.

Key Takeaways

1. Fordin is overseeing the development of a new technology product called DealrPro BI, an analytics platform that will give dealers more control of their data than ever before.

2. Fordin notes that many companies offer services that aggregate, organize, and present data. However, these enterprises lack the means to process and analyze stored information, leaving these tasks to the end user. DealrPro BI is thus designed not only to give dealers convenient access to their data but also to deliver accurate insights quickly and efficiently.

3. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Fordin aims to give users the ability to ask DealrPro BI questions about their data and receive fast and informative answers, boosting the tool’s speed and effectiveness. Fordin’s ultimate goal is to make the data analysis process as simple as pressing a button.

4. DealrPro BI is currently in use at 30 dealer franchises. One of these, which Forden admits is a well-known dealership group, has been using the fully operational tool for over a year and now depends on it for their data analysis needs.

5. Although DealrPro BI is currently operable, Fordin notes that he and his team are still preparing the platform for a full-scale launch. When it arrives on the market, retailers can depend on having a game-changing data analysis tool that removes stress and gives them more time to grow their business.

Catch Fordin at the upcoming 2024 NADA Show to find out how DealrPro BI is giving retailers control of their data. To learn more, contact Fordin at or 919-237-1000.

"There's lots of companies who take the data that's generated in the dealership daily and find all kinds of different ways to look at that data, view the data. What they rarely do though is create any analysis of the data. They leave that to the end user." — Fred Fordin

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Colin Velez
Colin Velez
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