How to Get Your Customer to Open Up


The main focus during the in-store shopping experience should be on the customer, not the car. Jonathan Dawson shares how you can do that with a few simple questions in today’s Tip of The Day.


Of all the questions that salespeople ask customers, I find that there’s one area that often gets neglected and it has to do with the area of understanding the customer’s shopping experience. Today, I want to share with you some questions you can ask to uncover how the customer feels as a consumer.

One question to consider is this: Folks, do you mind sharing with me as you’ve been shopping? Have you had any good or bad experiences you don’t mind telling me about? Let them open up and let them explain what they’ve experienced. A second question I love to ask is this: When you’re spending a lot of money, whether it’s a couch, TV, or car, do you mind sharing with me what makes a good salesperson to you? Finally, a question I absolutely love: Folks, you have so many choices in where you do business. Do you mind sharing with me what’s important to you in where you do business?

These kinds of questions will help the customer tell you how they feel as a consumer shopping and you understanding their shopping experience will help you give them a great experience. I’m Jonathan Dawson. Thanks for tuning in to today’s sales tip.

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