Move Forward And Get To The Next Step

next step

In your sales process, we’re often met with obstacles that prevent us from moving forward and closing the deal with the customer. Mark says to forget all about that and just get to the next step on today’s Tip of the Day.


My tip of the day is get to the next step. Often you’re in a sales process and you get a stall, you get an objection, and you’re not moving forward with the customer. Often we’re thinking about closing the deal and we start to panic, “How do I close this deal,” or, “I can’t close the deal.” Don’t even think about that. All I want you to do today, just get to the next step. Recently, I was at a dealership, and the salesperson out on the lot heard a customer that said that they didn’t want to drive the vehicle. We all I know that that’s probably a stall. It’s not really an objection, but the salesperson took that to heart and believed that they couldn’t sell a car because of that.

When they came inside, I just simply told the salesperson, Sit the customer down. Tell them we’ll be happy to get them some information and excuse yourself. Go get the vehicle. Get it running. Pull it right up by the dealership, and I want you to go back and say to the customer, “Hey, Mr. Customer, follow me. I got something I want to share with you that I forgot to go over with you that’s really important, that I think will make a big difference. Something you’re gonna love. Follow me.” Do it that enthusiastically. Do that assumptively and start walking. I promise you, if you have any relationship, that customer will follow you.

Well, guess what? When he did that, even though he was a newer salesperson, that customer hopped up out of his seat, went right to that vehicle, began to look at that vehicle, and then drove that vehicle. Let me ask you. If we can get just to the next step, would the chances be that we’ll sell a lot more cars? You bet. Stop thinking of what you’re gonna do to close the deal and just ask yourself, how do I get to the next step. Don’t quit. My best Tip of The Day on CBT News.

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