How to become a better fixed-operations manager in your dealership

Welcome to the first episode of Service Drive with Don Reed, a monthly CBT News series focused on automotive fixed-operations. Hosted by the celebrated trainer, speaker, and CEO of DealerPRO Training, Don Reed, this monthly series addresses different topics and a variety of challenges that dealers face in today’s market. Don will also identify some opportunities for increasing employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and the overall profitability of your service drive.

This month, Don discusses fixed-operations as it relates to the overall profitability of your dealership. Since 2010, service and parts sales, in the average dealership, by 5.4% per year. Today, fixed-operations accounts for around 50% of the dealership’s total gross profit. With that being said, Don poses the excellent question, “Where are you spending your time as a manager?”

Dealers and managers have to realize that their primary competition is the after-market service centers that thrive on the $127 billion after-market industry. To get your share of this multi-billion market, Don says it all begins with fixed-operations training. If you want to become a good trainer in your store, and you want to make some changes with your advisors and technicians, you have to show vested interest and care.

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