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How prepared are you for the future? | 7 Ways to Leverage Existing Customers | Trends that Will Shape Your Dealership, Whether You Like It or Not

On today’s CBT Newscast for Monday, August 28th, 2017:

How prepared are you for the future?
Doug Betts, Senior VP of Global Automotive Operations at J.D. Power, recently told CBT News that being prepared for the future now with online preparation will certainly make the future look brighter. Watch Now

Trends that Will Shape Your Dealership’s Future, Whether You Like It or Not
Whether you believe we will all live like the Jetsons in a few years or not, changes are constant. Both personally and professionally, you must make a choice to stay abreast of new trends as former methods fall to the wayside. Certain trends are already presenting themselves as a force that won’t go away anytime soon. Be aware of them and get aboard to take your dealership into the future. Read More

7 Ways to Leverage Existing Customers for More Sales
Generally in sales, dealership staff are often looking to find new leads rather than leveraging their current customer base. They’re all wanting to increase the sales of their dealerships, so they believe that getting new customers will make up for that. This isn’t seen as a smart or effective sales approach. Read More

CBT News
CBT News
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