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Fewer Miles Driven in Past Few Months, and How It Could...

If you had the occasion to drive anywhere during the March, April, or May this spring, it would’ve been a remarkable difference in traffic...

Four Unique Vehicle Design Trends

Automotive technology is always changing rapidly to adapt to new inventions that will make driving easier and more enjoyable. From electric vehicles to bluetooth...

7 New and Exciting Trends in Automotive Manufacturing and Retailing

Automotive manufacturing and retailing have changed dramatically over the last 5-10 years. Technology is advancing at a break-neck pace. Self-driving cars, electric vehicles, and...

Auto Subscriptions Hit Red Tape

Car subscriptions are one of the hottest trends automakers are currently jumping on, but red tape might prove to be a significant stumbling block...
gas prices

Are Prices At the Pump Influencing The Industry?

What gives automobile dealership owners chills at night? Stiff competition. A threat from Mother Nature. Rising gas prices. Gas prices, indeed, are on the rise,...

Challenges in the Buy/Sell Market Today – Kerrigan Advisors Market Update

Ryan Kerrigan, Managing Director of Kerrigan Advisors joins CBT News to share insights on the automotive dealership buy and sell market, the health of...
car sales

The Effect Stair Step Programs Have on Small Dealers

A hotly contested practice in the retail automotive industry is stair step programs. Often called something more glamorous or cerebral such as Ford’s “Volume...

Will rising interest rates impact dealer profitability?

  If interest rates keep rising this year, what will be the impact on dealership profitability? In our monthly market update, we asked Erin Kerrigan,...

How certain aspects of 2017 auto retail will rollover into 2018

  A few days ago, numbers for the final month of 2017 came out. The seasonally adjusted annualized sales rate for dealerships across the U.S....

How certain aspects of 2017 auto retail will rollover into 2018...

  On today's CBT Newscast for Friday, January 5th, 2018: Jessica Caldwell: How certain aspects of 2017 auto retail will rollover into 2018 A few days ago,...