How Efficient Are Your Salespeople?


Glenn Pasch offers a helpful tip to determine how efficient your salespeople are, in the CBT News Tip of the Day.


Hi, Glenn Pasch here with your CBT tip of the day. Reports, reports, data everywhere, swimming in it. You’re overwhelmed with it and all you’re trying to figure out is what is the metric that I should look at to know if we’re being successful. Well, I want to give you a tip about efficiency. One of the most important metrics that I’ve been talking to dealers about is not your marketing metrics and, as much as those are important, what you really should be looking at, also, is the efficiency of your sales people, right.

How many leads are they handling? How many appointments are they setting? How many are showing up and then, ultimately, how many are they selling because we celebrate, a lot of times, the end result. We’re praising that person who’s selling 15, 20, 25 cars and their name’s at the top of the board and those who are selling 10 or 11 cars, they get frustrated because we’re really not celebrating them. But, if you look at their metrics, how many cars should that top sales person have sold based on the number of leads they had.

We have a tendency, if you have a BDC, to hold all of those employees really accountable to handling every lead, making sure we’re setting all of these appointments. But are you doing that with your sales people? So, that’s your tip. Treat your sales people like you would your BDC, look at their efficiency. Celebrate efficiency, not just the end result in sales.

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