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How digital platforms are shaping the industry’s evolution – April Simmons | Horne Auto Group

On the latest episode of Kain & Co., host David Kane sits down with April Simmons, the marketing director of Horne Auto Group, to discuss dealership strategies, data transformation, and digital marketing in the automotive industry. Simmons shares her experience with vendor collaboration, digital presence, and gender diversity. Join us to discover the strategies that drive success in this competitive industry.

Key Takeaways  

1. April Simmons emphasizes the dynamic nature of the automotive retail environment, as exemplified by the Horne Auto Group’s expansive operations across Arizona. She describes how the group manages 14 dealerships representing a variety of automotive brands, each requiring tailored strategies to cater to their unique consumer demographics and regional characteristics.

2. Simmons emphasizes the significant role of data in shaping business strategies for automotive dealerships. Tailoring strategies for individual locations accentuate the shift towards more targeted and effective marketing and operational approaches in the automotive sector.

3. The conversation revolves around the shift from traditional sales practices to digital platforms, which mirrors the wider digital transformation trend in the automotive industry. Simmons’ experience of moving from manual processes to spearheading digital marketing efforts is a prime example of the sector’s evolution. It emphasizes the increasing significance of the Internet and digital marketing in car sales.

4. Simmons stresses the necessity of vendor collaboration in redesigning the Horne Auto Group’s website to improve user experience and conversion rates. This point underscores the need for cohesive digital strategies and the benefits of having synergistic relationships with technology partners in enhancing online presence and customer engagement.

5. Simmons asserts the challenges and opportunities related to gender diversity in the auto industry. Moreover, she discusses the need for a cultural shift to attract and retain more women in sales and leadership positions, highlighting the broader theme of diversity and inclusion within the industry.

"By nature, women are more empathetic and, therefore, better salespeople. We need to embrace and support them in the automotive space." – April Simmons

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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