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In this article, we'll explain how to use QR codes as part of your dealership's marketing plan, to better get messages out to more people.

4 ways to incorporate QR codes into your dealership marketing strategy

We are sure you've seen these little grids on posters or mail pieces. These are QR codes, and they are rather versatile and straightforward...
Eric Schlesinger of ActivEngage joins Kain & Co. to discuss the evolution of dealership technology and how it affects the car buying process.

How digital platforms are shaping the industry’s evolution – April Simmons...

On the latest episode of Kain & Co., host David Kane sits down with April Simmons, the marketing director of Horne Auto Group, to...
In the world of automotive marketing, both Google and Bing offer some specific competitive advantages and unique tools.

Google vs Bing search: mapping out the differences

Google and Bing are the kings of search in the United States, regardless of what you are searching for. In the world of automotive...
digital signs dealership marketing Digital Dealership System

How digital signs can elevate your in-dealership marketing efforts

Every boss knows that running a car business takes great leadership, excellent customer service and skilled staff. But what do you do when every...

FCC’s new telemarketing rule could end dealership robocalls for good

The FCC has officially banned a controversial telemarketing tactic frequently used in the auto industry. In a ruling last Tuesday, the commission moved to require...