How digital auto insurance can enhance the customer experience at your dealership – Jay Hicks | Polly

Today, it’s all about providing a great customer experience in all areas of the sales process while also increasing your bottom line. Joining us in the studio is Jay Hicks, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Polly, formerly known as DealerPolicy. In this edition of Inside Automotive, Jay discusses the value of auto insurance technology and why it is crucial to providing the best customer experience for car buyers.

Digital auto insurance integrated at the point of sale is becoming an increasingly popular part of the retail process. Historically, car buyers would spend a lot of their time and energy finding and comparing the best rates. Polly’s digital auto insurance marketplace allows customers to compare personalized quotes from over 40 carriers in minutes. This solution gives control back to the customer, who can then confidently choose the right policy. The dealer can also participate in this process and earn gross on the backend. Polly is the insurance agency 

“What we’re trying to do, is make insurance part of the process,” says Hicks. “Make it pervasive and let the consumer understand that it’s not as difficult as [they] think.”

Polly is an insurance agency that strives to enhance the customer experience and understand how car dealers work. The company’s co-founders, Travis Fitzgerald and Jeff Mungen wanted to modernize the process and offer consumers choices. On average, consumers save $65 per month after shopping with Polly, which means those savings could be used toward other F&I products.

“Our goal is to write everybody,” explains Hicks. “We have the big national carriers; Progressive, Nationwide, Safeco, Travellers, etc. We have a wide variety of regional carriers as well, trying to write the full band of customers.”

Many of the employees at Polly have automotive experience, and the company is very partner-focused, especially in the F&I space. This year, Polly has partnered with JM&A Group and Assurant on the direct F&I side. These partners are in the dealership every day and can help car dealers think through processes and solutions. In fact, the average backend PVR lift is around $535 per unit when a policy is written. This amount will be even more meaningful as interest rates rise and the industry works to bring back new vehicle supply.

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