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Study reveals most car buyers ‘somewhat familiar’ with new EV tax...

Cox Automotive Mobility's newest survey found that electric vehicle owners are only 'somewhat familiar' with new EV tax credits included in the Inflation Reduction...

Porsche teases its first electric SUV prototype, the 2024 Macan

Porsche is readying for the release of its upcoming 2024 Macan Electric SUV, which the company says is less than two years away from...
online sales

Increased online sales adoption could signal the in-person experience needs change

The 2022 Deloitte Global Automotive Consumer Study indicates that concluding a vehicle in-person remains the preferred method for 75% of car buyers. However, more...

Report identifies six customer journey challenges the auto industry faces

Customer feedback and surveys have unveiled areas in the auto retail industry that need to change for a better sales experience as well as...

Can introverts make great car salespeople?

The idea of an outgoing individual willing to be bold, energetic, and almost a little pushy is what most consumers expect when interacting with...
flying cars

The Future of Flying Cars: Separating fact from fiction

The idea of flying cars has occupied humankind’s imagination for more than a century, with the 1917 Curtis Autoplane being one of the earliest...
vehicle affordability

How declining new vehicle affordability is rattling consumer budgets

Vehicle affordability has become a massive obstacle that car buyers must overcome. The problem has loomed large and shows no signs of slowing up...
F&I transparency

The time is now for F&I transparency

Even before the pandemic, the auto industry was undergoing a transformation. Operations like CarMax and Carvana were delivering "no surprise" experiences to customers, while...
Quiet quitting

Management Strategies: How to prevent ‘quiet quitting’ before it happens

In response to hustle culture and burnout, some employees are "quiet quitting" by no longer going above and beyond or doing tasks they are...
automotive CRM

5 crucial CRM Tasks your car dealership can automate

With dwindling inventory, a dealership's success largely depends on its ability to serve the needs of its customers. In the past, you did this...