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How dealers can navigate non-compete agreements amid political uncertainty – Attorney Len Bellavia 

The FTC has banned almost all non-compete agreements, so on today’s episode of Inside Automotive,  we’re learning more about how dealers may be impacted. We’re pleased to welcome back Len Bellavia, Founding Partner of the law firm of Bellavia Blatt, also known as

Key Takeaways 

1. The ban on non-compete agreements has a direct impact on dealership staffing, particularly concerning key positions like general managers and fixed ops directors. Len Bellavia notes that while not all dealership employees are under non-compete agreements, those in critical roles often are. This impacts talent retention strategies as dealerships may face challenges in retaining experienced personnel who have gained valuable knowledge and skills within the industry.

2. Bellavia underscores the need for a delicate balance between protecting a dealership’s confidential information and allowing employees the freedom to pursue career opportunities without unnecessary restrictions. While employers want to safeguard proprietary data, they also recognize the importance of not overly constraining their employees’ career mobility.

3. Additionally, Bellavia delves into what constitutes confidential information within a dealership context. Examples include customer lists, pricing strategies, unique selling methodologies, and other proprietary data. Dealerships must protect this information, as it forms the core of their competitive advantage and business strategies.

4. The discussion highlights the uncertainties arising from the FTC’s ruling and ongoing legal challenges. Bellavia advises dealerships to stay informed about legal developments and consult legal experts to understand how these changes may impact their existing agreements and operational strategies.

5. Nevertheless, Bellavia also touches upon the flexibility dealerships have in structuring employment contracts. It discusses the possibility of making case-by-case decisions regarding non-compete agreements, indicating that dealerships can tailor their contracts based on individual circumstances and risk assessments.

"Well, look, you know, that is a function of how dysfunctional a new Congress, you know, a new administration would be. So if it's determined that, you know, this is really the role that Congress should play. It's not automatic, even in a Trump administration, that, you know, this will be disturbed. So your guess is as good as mine." - Len Bellavia

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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