How dealers can build a positive online reputation with customers

In the latest episode of Kain & Co., host David Kain discusses the importance of reputation for automotive dealerships. Kain begins by discussing a study conducted by the Gallup organization. Each December, Gallup conducts a survey, asking U.S. citizens their thoughts on the professional and ethical standards of people in various careers. 

In the 23 years of the survey, Kain says he typically finds nurses at the top of the list. He says this comes as no surprise as many people feel connected to nurses that provide comfort and care in stressful situations.

In the survey conducted in 2020, car dealers ranked just above members of Congress. While dealers did improve from ranking behind members of Congress from the year prior, the results were less than ideal compared to the rest of the field. Kain says that many dealers base their reputation on the stars they achieve on Google reviews. The best way to improve a review score is to implement processes that value the guest.

Kain says dealers must have good processes in place to achieve a strong rating. This starts with improving interaction with guests. In service, technicians must be committed to getting the service order done right the first time. Showing customers a great car-buying process begins and ends with the whole team. Everyone in the dealership must be committed to providing customers a seamless and enjoyable experience. Providing strong customer-first service will be a driving force behind improving reputation. 

Kain concludes by talking about the best way to engage a guest. Many customers are unsure about how to navigate their car-shopping experience and are genuinely interested in assistance. Dealers should ensure their team is ready to meet the needs of the customer in a friendly and helpful manner. 

To hear more about how to improve reputation, be sure to watch the entire episode of Kain & Co.

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