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Get your new hires productive in the sales arena quickly

In 2016, the average turnover rate for salespeople at franchised car dealerships was a staggering 67% every year. 40% of new hires would last...

Getting new hires productive on the sales floor in today’s climate

The annual turnover rate among sales staff is excruciatingly high in the US with around 80% of sales staff to leave every year, according...

Employee Onboarding: Five Things Dealership Owners Should Do with New Hires...

It is true what they say; you never have another chance to make an excellent first impression. At your dealership, the onboarding and training...
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Perks and Policies that Drive Retention

Cox Automotive’s Dealership Staffing study pointed out some worrying hiring trends in the auto industry. It found a 40% overall dealership staff turnover rate,...

Five Tips for Handling Internal Staff Transitions Within Your Dealership

In an ideal world, today's entry-level employees would always become tomorrow's senior leaders at your dealership. Ultimately, many factors impact whether an employee makes...
Employee Training

How training new hires impacts your bottom line

We all know service revenue is important to a dealership's bottom line, especially now in what some are calling a "plateau" in new car...
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Get Your New Hires Productive on the Sales Floor Quickly

The statistics have been consistent for the past several years. Salesperson turnover rate was 67 percent in 2016 overall with non-luxury brands experiencing a...