General Motors

General Motors Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra announced this week that the automaker is planning on returning to Europe and will only be manufacturing electric vehicles there. Aside from continuing sales of Cadillac and Corvette vehicles, General Motors removed itself from Europe when it sold its Vauxhall and Open brands to PSA Group (now Stellantis) in 2017.    

Barra said that GM has “no seller’s remorse from an internal combustion business” and that the automaker is “looking at the growth opportunity that [GM has] now, because [the automaker] can reenter Europe as an all-EV player.”

The announcement comes after General Motors said in November of 2021 that it was looking to start a mobility business in Europe, and Barra said she is “looking forward” to future developments. She did not say which GM vehicles will be produced in Europe, but it is speculated that they will include the electric Cadillac Lyriq SUV and electric Corvette models. 

Despite EV sales lagging in the United States, Barra remains committed to the EV transition and still plans for 100% of GM’s vehicles to be electric by 2035. She has said one of GM’s main goals is to make affordable EVs and find ways to convince consumers to switch to EVs despite widespread hesitation. 

Barra said that beating out Tesla and other EV makers is “the long game [GM is] playing,” adding that she is “here to win.”

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