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Ford U.S. sales dip in Q4, F-Series remains top selling truck

“The demand is just insane.” 

Contrasted with 2021, Ford Motor Company announced lower U.S. sales for the last three months of 2022. However, the carmaker continued to dominate the truck market despite Stellantis-built Chevy Silverados and Ram trucks.

Ford reported that its overall Q4 new car sales in the United States decreased by 4.8% to 483,970 units. Truck sales increased by 0.6% to 270,064, while SUV sales fell by 11.2% to 202,914. Additionally, a surge in F-Series sales in December to 75,076 allow Ford to become the top truck seller for the 46th consecutive year 

Ford and the rest of the auto industry are battling what industry analysts refer to as “headwinds,” including ongoing supply chain interruptions that hinder the manufacturing and sales process as well as unpredictable production issues created by global conflict.

Ford data shows that there were more sales increases in the last three months:

  • Transit Van sales increased 48.2% to 31,049 cars.
  • Lincoln Corsair/MKC increased 27.8% to 7,391 vehicles
  • Lincoln Navigator increased 19.9% to 4,056 vehicles
  • Ford Expedition grew 14.7% to 20,400 vehicles
  • Ford Maverick grew 77% to 22,568 vehicles

Ford sold 61,575 electric cars in 2022, a 126% increase over the previous year. That includes:

  • The most popular electric truck in the United States is the 15,617 F-150 Lightning.
  • 6,500 E-Transit vans were sold, making it the most popular electric van in the nation with a 73% market share.
  • 4,775 Mustang Mach-E SUVs

The manufacturing of Super Duty trucks ranged between 26,000 and 27,000 cars per month from January through November.  Therefore, the orders placed in a little more than a month’s time imply five to six months of production.

Todd Dunn, president of UAW Local 862, stated, “the demand is just insane.” 

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell is a staff writer/reporter for CBT News. She is a recent honors cum laude graduate with a BFA in Mass Media from Valdosta State University. Jaelyn is an enthusiastic creator with more than four years of experience in corporate communications, editing, broadcasting, and writing. Her articles in The Spectator, her hometown newspaper, changed how people perceive virtual reality. She connects her readers to the facts while providing them a voice to understand the challenges of being an entrepreneur in the digital world.

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