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Experience true innovation with the 2025 Lincoln Aviator

The 2025 Aviator's interior is remarkably identical to earlier models.

The latest Lincoln Aviator features a fresh new look and boasts the all-new Lincoln Digital Experience infotainment system. 

The 2025 Aviator’s interior is remarkably identical to earlier models. The main distinction is the larger 13.2-inch touchscreen, equipped with the previously mentioned infotainment system built on Google’s Android Automotive OS.

The automaker claims that the in-house interface voice commands were given priority. Shoppers can control multiple functions using the default Google Assistant or opt for Amazon Alexa. Of course, basic features like standard user experiences are provided by wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The SUV offers additional entertainment options through several apps and connectivity choices when parked, while customers can access Google Maps on either screen. In addition to well-known streaming services like YouTube and Amazon Prime, buyers may play video games using a Bluetooth controller.

The Lincoln Premium Connectivity package provides a 5G connection and a Wi-Fi hotspot for Aviator’s infotainment system. Lincoln has informed us that the subscription cost is yet to be determined, but they’re offering the first year for free. Users can use the usual Vivaldi browser and Google Chrome for web browsing, and the company will soon release a video-conferencing app as well. Moreover, with the introduction of over-the-air software updates, the company can add new features and enhancements.

The Aviator’s cabin has undergone minor changes in addition to the new infotainment setup. The tray closest to the driver on the center console now has a wireless charging pad, and the center stack’s push-button shifter has a redesigned look that includes the engine-start button. They removed the binnacle around the gauge cluster and added a 5.8-inch display for second-row passengers to adjust media and climate settings.

More features: 

Starting in 2025, the Reserve trim will offer four new cabin color schemes, including Harvest Bronze with Onyx black accents and Hot Chocolate with the same color accents. The Black Label will exclusively feature the new Invitation interior, which includes Onyx black leather upholstery, brandy-colored contrast stitching, and open-pore wood accents from a Khaya tree.

On the Aviator, Lincoln includes several standard driver-assistance technologies. The roster features a 360-degree video system, blind-spot detection, lane-keeping assistance, front and back parking sensors, and rear-automated emergency braking. The most notable feature of all Aviators is BlueCruise, a hands-free highway driving mode. The system can automatically move the SUV in its lane to give other cars more room in addition to changing lanes at the driver’s request. BlueCruise comes with four years of free service.

The 2025 Lincoln Aviator is now available for order, with initial deliveries coming this summer. Pricing has increased from slightly over $5100 to about $8500 compared to the previous model year, depending on the trim level. However, Lincoln has standardized equipment that was previously optional and added a plethora of new and desirable features across the lineup. The Black Label costs $88,390, the Reserve costs $68,890, and the Premiere starts at $59,890.

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Jaelyn Campbell
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