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CBT Automotive Newscast for December 3, 2019

Today on – Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019:

How to Give Your Dealership an End of the Year Marketing Boost

On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome back Eric Mercado, President of WeDrive Automotive, a progressive automotive marketing company headquartered right here in Atlanta, CBT’s hometown. We talk to Eric today about how to close out the year strong. We’re now in the fourth quarter of 2020, and some dealers are hitting high fives and congratulating themselves on a great year while others might be trying to pick up the pace a little bit and close the year out strong. What should dealers be focused on? What should they be checking out? How do you hold your vendors accountable to make sure they’re doing their job? Find out now. Watch Now

newscastInterview Red Flags: What to Look for When Interviewing Potential Employees
According to the job search website, the average annual earning of a car salesperson in the U.S. was around $68,000 including all bonuses. With the cost of hiring and training new salespeople running about 20 percent of their first year earnings that calculates to about $13,600 to hire and train a new car salesperson. For employers, the process you use to find and train new salespeople can be very costly if you do not get it right and end up having a quick turnover in new hires. Read More

newscastRetain Service Customers with Every R.O.
We probably all agree that the goal of the dealership service department should be to: A) generate profit, and B) deliver an experience that keeps customers returning. What we probably won’t agree on is the order of those objectives. Does a focus on A dilute the opportunity for B – and if the focus is first on B, does the service department leave money on the table? Read More

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