Don’t Stop Short and Miss A Sale

Tip Of The Day

Sometimes you may be the reason why a sale didn’t happen. In today’s Tip Of The Day, Paul Cummings shares with you how many “No’s” could lead to a yes and why you should not stop short.


Hi, Welcome to Tip of the Day. This is Paul Cummings on behalf of the CBT Automotive Network, bringing you a tip today that I want you to think about throughout your day. When people are buying products that are $10,000 up, 80% of all transactions occur on the fifth request to buy. You know what the sad news is in the auto industry, we ask, on average, three times. That’s why somebody will leave your dealership. When you’ve done a really great job, they’ll go right down the street, and the first person that asks them to buy at that dealership, sells your customer. You know why? You stopped short.

I’m going to give you something to put between your left ear and your right ear today. Five nos before they go. Five nos before they go. If you build a service based sales approach, you’ve earned the right to ask the customer to buy five times. If you believe in the product, you believe in your service, you believe you are the person they should buy from, why would you let them leave after the second or third no? You’re leaving money all over the ground when you do that. Five nos before they go.

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