Is your dealership looking for profit in all the wrong places?

Working harder and longer…a lot of managers operate dealerships this way because of a lack of training. According to sales trainer, Joe Verde, this leads them down a path to looking for more sales and profits in all the wrong places.Verde suggest asking three questions.

Question One: Which is the easier type of customer to sell to a repeat customer or an ad-driven, price-shopping prospect?

Question Two: How about your gross profit? Who pays you more, a customer from service or the drive-by shopper.

Question Three: Which of these is your hottest prospect for a delivery right now: the be-back who just pulled back on the lot, or the brand new prospect who just parked next to them?

According Verde, on an average day you talk to about four people on the lot, about 100 per month. Some don’t buy, in fact 22% will not be buying a vehicle soon. The flip side is that 78% will be buying, and 90% of them buying within a week.

So The Catch? Verde says you can’t guess which ones are buying. He suggests to be smart and play the odds. Treat everyone like a buyer, give everyone a great presentation, do your best to close the sale, and then get everyone’s name and number who doesn’t buy and follow up until they move or take final delivery.