David Kain shares key takeaways to help drive dealers in the right direction

"82% of people remember the tone of the conversation more than what was said".

On today’s show, we are pleased to welcome David Kain, President and Owner of Kain Automotive, industry expert, and host of Kain and Co. right here on CBT News. Kain begins the conversation by sharing some takeaways he’s seen throughout the past year. He says something we learned is that the internet is a wonderful catalyst for dealers with a span of digital retailing tools. He also says the telephone has become more critical to the selling process. 82% of people remember the tone of the conversation more than what was said. Kain says you have to teach employees how to be more effective.

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People do want to get back out in the showrooms says Kain. He also says you can’t abandon what you learned during the time when dealerships were shut down. Kain doesn’t believe people are abandoning digital retailing but when you have lessor inventory, consumers just want to know, do you have the car. Kain Digital retailing could work but it might need to be lead by the agent. This is a people-driven business. He says there are relationships you can develop with technology to build a strong process and that is what you should focus on.

Kain has a performance acceleration platform that is designed to create performance excellence. Most team members don’t get real-time guidance on how they’re doing. Each and every week they’re dropping new content, from onboarding employees to taking the veterans and teaching them how to be more effective.

Kain ends the conversation by sharing his predictions for the auto industry. He says cars will be made and we will have inventory levels back, maybe not where we’re used to but we’ll soon see full lots.

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