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On today’s CBT Newscast for Monday, May 7th, 2018:

newscast“Is Marketing Automation Your Top Priority?” – Brian Pasch
Brian Pasch joins Jim Fitzpatrick in the CBT Automotive Network studio to talk key takeaways from this year’s NADA show. As exciting as The NADA Show was, there is a lot of information that needs to be compressed and sought through so you can find the solutions that will work best at your dealership. Thankfully, Pasch is here to give us a rundown and some insight on what might be on the horizon in the industry and how you can use the NADA show to your advantage. Watch Now

Retail Is Shifting Towards Unique or Highly Efficient Experiences – Kerrigan Report
With all of the April numbers in, it was time to check in with Ryan Kerrigan for the Kerrigan Report. Bridget Fitzpatrick of CBT News recently interviewed Ryan to find out how Aprils numbers shaped out to be and what that means moving forward in the next quarter. Watch Now

newscastFive Ways To Be More Impressive At Work

Throughout our lifetime, the desire to impress others with our abilities and knowledge is forever constant in our daily activities. We want others to see that we are experts in the field that we are employed in. if you are employed in the automotive industry, this desire is no different. When a potential customer comes to you wanting to purchase a new car, you want to show them that you can answer all the questions they may have about that type of car. Read More

newscastBored with Blockchain? Take a Closer Look
Right about now, blockchain technology might seem like the Wizard in Oz: lots of flash, difficult to understand, and slightly overrated – to put it mildly. Sure, it’s an amazing bit of progress with the potential to change operational processes across many industries – automotive included. It’s even likely that blockchain will end up being the backbone to a solution (car history, for example) that transforms the auto sector. Read More


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