Five Ways To Be More Impressive At Work


Throughout our lifetime, the desire to impress others with our abilities and knowledge is forever constant in our daily activities. We want others to see that we are experts in the field that we are employed in. if you are employed in the automotive industry, this desire is no different. When a potential customer comes to you wanting to purchase a new car, you want to show them that you can answer all the questions they may have about that type of car.

Show Others That You Learn Quickly And Bring In Results

If you want to impress people at work, particularly those higher-ups, you will need to show them that you are a fast learner. Your boss will be impressed by how quickly you pick up on things and can start showing results of your work. Employers like knowing their employees have a mind ‘like a sponge’, which means that they know whatever they tell their employee how to do, will be remembered. It will also show that there won’t be a need to show that individual how to complete a task more than once.

When working in the automotive industry, it is always a bonus to be able to learn fast.  There is always something new going on within the industry. If you are able to show your employers that it does not stress you out when a new task is handed to you, it will go a long way in getting them impressed by you and your work ethic and capabilities.

If the boss knows that they can leave you alone and have you be able to work independently while getting the job done, their confidence level in you is sure to increase Thus, leading to promotions and pay increases as you continue to show your value and worth on the job.  

Having The Ability To ‘Read The Room’

The ability to enter a room full of people and treat them all like they are smart can be very valuable. It expresses to others that you are an insightful, perspective individual and that you have innovative ideas that show them you are interested in being a part of the solution.

This is going to take a great deal of tact in how you go about showing others that you are innovative and wish to be part of the solution. Do not go about it with an attitude of arrogance nor should you appear to be too timid. Make your contributions to the conversation heard without sounding like a ‘know-it-all’. If no one is being responsive to your suggestions, it does not particularly mean that no one is listening. It often means that they are thinking about what you just said and trying to put their own perspective on it.

Being able to read a room is an excellent trait of an automobile salesperson. With experience, you will learn that this ability can make or break a sale.

Remember To Keep It Civil

When working with other people, it is important to remember that bosses, coworkers, and clients are all going to drive you crazy at times. But, if you truly want to impress others while on the job, make sure that you do not show just how crazy they are making you feel.

Do not always try to be the ‘expert’ and prove others wrong so you can get a ‘win’. Doing so is not going to impress anyone, in fact, it will do just the opposite and make others look down at you while assume that you are not a team player. You are not going to impress anyone by trying to make others look less smart in an attempt to make yourself appear smarter.

By keeping it civil when in a meeting or just talking amongst co-workers, you will notice you are far more impressive and others will be more likely to take your words of advice if you offer them in a friendly manner rather than just shouting out insults.

Learn The Art Of Storytelling

If you have been invited to attend a meeting in which there are CEOs or other ‘higher-ups’ present, then there is an expectation that you play an intellectual role in the conversation at hand. You may be asked to form an opinion on a subject or to give your ideas on some new idea that is being brought about for the majority to vote on. If you want to impress your bosses, be sure you tell an unyielding and persuasive story. Do not ramble on and appear insecure when you speak, especially if you are bringing an argument to the table be sure you have thought it through very well so that you sound convincing and can bring others to your side of the conversation.

Do More—Always Be Prepared To Step Up If Needed

Do not be afraid to go ‘the extra mile’ in an attempt to get a job done. If you see your boss struggling to get a task finished, see if there is anything you can do to assist them and take some of the stress off. By taking an initiative to help out without being asked to, you are showing your boss (and co-workers) that you are a team player. Being a team player is always the best way to impress at work.

These five tips for how to be more impressive at work can work with any job. But in the automotive industry, it is always a good idea to show teamwork and step up to the plate whenever needed. Whether you work as the receptionist at the front desk greeting customers all day, salespersons on the lot, or you may even be the CEO – you are an important part of the dealerships day to day business and your contribution to the business is important.

By following these five tips, you are certain to show your bosses and co-workers that you are an impressive person and willing to work hard for the company.