“Is Marketing Automation Your Top Priority?” – Brian Pasch


Brian Pasch joins Jim Fitzpatrick in the CBT Automotive Network studio to talk key takeaways from this year’s NADA show. As exciting as The NADA Show was, there is a lot of information that needs to be compressed and sought through so you can find the solutions that will work best at your dealership. Thankfully, Pasch is here to give us a rundown and some insight on what might be on the horizon in the industry and how you can use the NADA show to your advantage.

The host of Auto Marketing Now says that marketing automation needs to be on everyone’s list and pretty close to the top at that. Pasch says that dealers can find up to 40% of marketing opportunity in their budget when AI and or Machine learning is applied to their marketing automation platform.MARKETINGWe also talk about digital retail and how a dealership can provide the best experience within that. Luckily for the industry, there are multiple companies that assist with this trend and do a wonderful job doing so. The problem Pasch says,  is not due to a shortage of diffirent solutions platforms or options but instead that dealers are not spending the right amount of time finding a fit that best supports their culture.

There is also some confusion around what digital retailing actually is. To some companies, it could mean dishing up a super lead. To others like CDK Global it’s taking the process all the way through to an electronic signature document. “what dealers need to do is differentiate these product offerings, they are not all the same.” Says Pasch.