CBT Automotive Newscast for March 9, 2020


Today on CBTNews.com – Monday, March 9th, 2020:

David KainApplying Your Core BDC Strategies to the Entire Dealership – David Kain, Kain Automotive
In an increasingly digital world, it’s time to refresh old standards and set higher expectations for your dealership. If you’re brainstorming new models for your dealership’s marketing, BDC, and sales training efforts, then our next guest has some advice you don’t want to miss. Recently, we had the chance to speak with David Kain, president of Kain Automotive and host of Kain & Co. every Thursday on CBT News. Watch Now

David KainThe Importance Today of the Sales Walkaround
Car buyers go online, that’s a fact. Think With Google research shows that more than 95 percent of car sales start with the customer searching and researching on the internet. And when it comes time for the customer to see their potential vehicles in living color, the average number of dealerships visited is less than two. Read More

David KainAre Service Department Hours in Line with Customer Needs?
Call tracking and lead management provider, CallSource, analyzed 106 million inbound phone calls to dealerships over three years. Of those calls, more than three-quarters of those calls were for the service department. It’s an incredible number of phone calls every day by customers looking for maintenance and repair appointments or questions answered. Read More


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