Millennials, Mobile, and Marketing | Fixing Fixed Operations | Secrets you should share with customers to win their loyalty

On today’s CBT Newscast for Monday, August 7th, 2017:

Millennials, Mobile, and Marketing
When it comes to the “Three M’s,” the auto retail future certainly looks bright for dealerships that utilize and take advantage of: millennials, mobile, and marketing. Zach Klempf, a millennial himself and CEO of Selly Automotive, was a speaker at the GIADA Convention and said whether you’re an independent or a franchise, being data-driven and taking advantage of technology can benefit everyone. Watch Now

Fixing Fixed Operations: Here’s a Growth Revenue Optimization Plan
Fixed and Variable operations are located under the same roof! Yet, they are often worlds apart. It is time to bridge those two worlds once and for all! As industry greats Bob Atwood and Charlie Polston put it a long time ago: “Fixed Operations is and always will be the Back Bone and not the Back Pain of the automotive industry!” Read More

Secrets you should share to delight customers and win their loyalty
The most important secrets to share are the ones that your customers tell you they want to know. Make sure that asking, listening, and responding is built into the culture of every customer interaction at your dealership. Be consistently honest and open with customers and they will reward you. Read More


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