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Could your dealership benefit from an in-store clinic? — Melissa DeMontrond | DeMontrond Auto Group

When most people hear the phrase in-store clinic, they typically picture some small, lonely alcove shoved into the corner of a Walmart or Publix, often next to a nail salon or optician’s office. However, as dealers are about to learn, improving access to healthcare can be beneficial not just for consumers and employees but for businesses as well.

On this episode of Inside Automotive, host Jim Fitzpatrick is joined by Melissa DeMontrond, president of the DeMontrond Auto Group. Earlier this year, DeMontrond set up an in-store clinic for dealership personnel with the goal of improving healthcare access among her employees. Now, she discusses how this seemingly outlandish idea has already translated into better productivity, retention and well-being throughout her workforce.

Key Takeaways

1. DeMontrond worked with a third-party provider specializing in employee healthcare solutions to integrate an in-store clinic available to both employees and their families.

2. Since introducing the clinic, more and more employees have started to use this added benefit, taking better care of their overall health. DeMontrond notes that her fixed operations teams gained at least two new technicians who cited the clinic as a primary reason for accepting the position.

3. The cost of the in-store clinic is built into the employee healthcare plan, meaning multiple services are pre-paid and free of charge.

4. The clinic was opened in April of 2023. Moving forward, DeMontrond hopes the benefit will improve employee retention.

5. For dealers considering their own in-store clinic, DeMontrond recommends working with a third-party business that can supply the necessary construction, expertise and personnel. She also recommends that dealers frame their investment as a long-term solution to securing higher productivity and better retention rather than a short-term profit-driving project.

"I'm always looking at new ways to help, and with the rising cost of healthcare, this has been something that we could offer to our employees...that's beneficial to all of us." — Melissa DeMontrond

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Colin Velez
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