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UAW strike: Ford, GM start temporary layoffs, Biden dispatches aides to Detroit, new car affordability

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What dealers can expect in the fourth-quarter of 2023 – Joe McCabe | AutoForecast Solutions
As we round out the third quarter of 2023, the big story is the ongoing labor negotiations, as the outcome could impact inventory worldwide. On today’s episode of Inside Automotive, we’re joined by Joe McCabe, the President and CEO of AutoForecast Solutions, to tell us what he’s predicting for the market. Watch the full segment

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United Auto Workers president Shawn Fain responded to layoff threats affecting 2,600 workers at two Ford and GM plants over the weekend.
Image Source: Rebecca Cook, Reuters

In our continuing coverage of the United Auto Workers strike Ford made an announcement telling 600 employees at a Michigan facility to stand down last Friday. General Motors also said that about 2,000 workers from its Fairfax assembly plant in Kansas could be temporarily laid off this week. UAW Chief Shawn Fain responded in a statement saying, “their plan won’t work. The UAW will make sure any worker laid off in the Big Three’s latest attack will not go without an income. We’ll organize one day longer than they can, and go the distance to win economic and social justice at the big three.” Read More 

GM's Mary Barra expressed her concerns, noting that the automaker's latest offer is the most generous proposal in the OEM's history.
GM CEO Mary Barra speaks with CNBC’s Phil LeBeau on “Squawk Box” Friday, September 15 // Image source: CNBC

Early Friday morning, General Motors CEO Mary Barra shared her reaction to the United Auto Workers union strike with CNBC’s Phil Lebeau during an episode of “Squawk Box.” Barra expressed her frustration with the situation, noting several times that GM’s latest contract offer is the most generous proposal in the automaker’s 115-year history. “We don’t need to be in strike right now,” Barra stated. Read More

President Biden addresses the UAW's landmark strike against Detroit's Big Three, urging continued negotiations and understanding.
President Joe Biden shares brief remarks regarding the UAW strike on Friday, September 15 Image source: NBC News

Around midday on Friday, September 15, President Joe Biden delivered remarks at the White House addressing the United Auto Workers (UAW) union strike. After failing to reach contract agreements with GM, Stellantis, and Ford, UAW President Shawn Fain announced targeted strikes at three union facilities in Michigan, Ohio, and Missouri. This is the first instance in its 88-year history that the UAW initiated a strike at all three of the Detroit-Three at the same time. Read More

The U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill (222-190) aimed at California's plan to phase out gas-powered vehiclesThe U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill (222-190) aimed at California’s plan to phase out gas-powered vehicles. The bill would prohibit states from restricting the sale of gas-powered cars and rescind any federal approvals given to states to do so that were issued since the start of 2022. Read More

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In the e­ver-changing world of leade­rship, it is evident that one approach cannot e­ffectively suit all situations. The ability to adapt and customize­ leadership styles base­d on the distinctive nee­ds of individual team members de­livers formidable results, prope­lling entire teams towards unparalle­led achieveme­nts. This article delves into the­ transformative concept of situational leade­rship—an adaptive leadership style approach that highlights the flexibility and a comprehensive­ understanding of each team me­mber’s readiness le­vels.. Read More

Guidance and commitment to education from the dealership will make customers more comfortable switching and staying with EVs.Navigating roadblocks: overcoming customer objections when selling EVs
As electric vehicles continue rolling into inventory, dealerships play a pivotal role in selling these vehicles and educating potential buyers about the ins and outs of EV ownership. Yet, the transition toward EVs is not without its challenges. Dealerships are frequently faced with addressing common objections from consumers – range anxiety, concerns over charging infrastructure, perceived high upfront costs, and uncertainties around battery life. Read More

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