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Ford sales decline, UAW shifts focus, Jeff Wyler celebrates 50 years

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On today’s Inside Automotive, we're joined by Doug Eroh, President and General Manager of Longo Toyota, to elaborate on the current trends.How this Toyota dealership is disrupting the used car market – Doug Eroh | Longo Toyota
Dealers throughout the world are navigating the electric vehicle landscape. So, on today’s episode of Inside Automotive, we’re joined by Doug Eroh, President and General Manager of Longo Toyota. Eroh elaborates on how things are going for the biggest Toyota dealership along California’s west coast. Watch full segment here.

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Ford ICE sales dipped in October causing overall year-over-year volume to decline for the first time in 2023.Ford sales declined for the first time this year in October, during which the company navigated a six-week United Auto Workers strike and disappointing third-quarter earnings. The automaker’s total vehicle sales declined 5.3% from October 2022 to 149,938, marking the brand’s first year-over-year decline of 2023. The number also represents a sudden 9.4% drop from September, which witnessed the first third of the UAW strike. Read More

The United Auto Workers union has started to turn its focus toward non-unionized automakers such as Toyota and Tesla.With their fight against Detroit-Three OEMs (presumably) won, United Auto Workers leaders are turning their attention toward non-unionized automakers in the U.S., such as Tesla and Toyota. In a series of recent video updates, United Auto Workers president Shawn Fain has discussed the organization’s plans now that it is no longer occupied with negotiations, describing his long-term vision for the automotive industry. Read More

Toyota issued a recall for more than 1.8 million RAV4 SUVs across multiple model years on November 1st due to a potential fire hazard.On November 1, the largest automaker in the world, Toyota, issued a recall for more than 1.8 million RAV4 sport utility vehicles (SUVs) across multiple model years due to a potential fire hazard associated with a replacement battery. According to a statement from the company, 1.85 million vehicles from model years 2013 to 2018 are included in the voluntary recall. The statement also revealed that some vehicles might have replacement 12-volt batteries installed that are too small. Read More

On November 1st, the Jeff Wyler Automotive Family celebrated 50 years in business, they have 23 sites and over 40 brands.On November 1, the Jeff Wyler Automotive Family celebrated 50 years in business. Beginning as a modest Chevrolet dealership in Batavia, Ohio, Jeff Wyler has grown to 23 sites and over 40 brands, selling over 45,000 vehicles annually. As a Cincinnati, Ohio native, Jeff Wyler had a humble upbringing, in which he spent time in the U.S. Army. Then, at 32, he opened his first dealership, Jeff Wyler Chevrolet, in Batavia. Read More

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Managing your existing BDC can be a tall order, but it is worth exploring to find out if you can improve sales and service.In-house vs external BDC: How and why to make a switch
For a dealership, follow-up with customers is absolutely crucial. Some customers will choose which dealership to shop at based on interactions with salespeople over the phone, through text, or email, and might even pick based on who responds faster or more professionally. This is where either well-equipped salespeople or business development centers come in. We’ll explain when and how to switch to a business development center (BDC), and when to just have your salespeople do the work. Read More

Whe­n stress increases, productivity declines significantly, and the risk of developing he­alth issues like anxiety and de­pression rises.Managing stress and burnout in the fast-paced retail automotive industry
The automotive­ retail industry is a dynamic and ever-e­volving sector that poses unique challenges for its professionals. From continuous customer interactions to meeting sales goals and juggling time pressures, the demands can sometimes feel overwhelming. This article explores practical strategies for effectively managing stre­ss, preventing burnout, and fostering a healthy work-life balance in the automotive­ retail industry. By implementing these strategies, professionals can prioritize their mental well-being while flourishing in their care­ers. Read More

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