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Today on Inside Automotive, we’re pleased to welcome Sutherlin Automotive CEO, Brett Sutherlin, to tell us about the group's latest deals.View from the top: How dealer Brett Sutherlin is leading his group to long-term success
As our M&A experts have reported, public transactions have slowed, but the private market is still very active, especially for Sutherlin Automotive. Recently, the group sold three of its  dealerships and acquired a Toyota-Lexus store. Today on Inside Automotive, we’re pleased to welcome Sutherlin Automotive CEO, Brett Sutherlin, to tell us about the group’s latest deals and what the future of automotive could look like. Watch full segment here.

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A new J.D. Power report indicates that electric vehicle drivers have grown increasingly frustrated over OEM-created appsA new J.D. Power study suggests electric vehicle owners are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with OEM apps. The usage of first-party applications, such as those which monitor battery usage or charging times, is high among EV drivers. However, the most important features in these apps received low approval scores across the board, according to the firm’s report. Jason Norton, senior manager of global automotive consulting at J.D. Power, urged manufacturers to improve the functionality of their EV-focused software to “Maximize their impact and elevate the user experience.” Read More

Stellantis is pondering more electric vehicle battery facilities in North America, in addition to the two it currently ownsStellantis believes it will need more electric vehicle battery plants in North America in addition to the two currently under construction in the U.S. and Canada. While taking reporter questions at the opening of a facility in France, CEO Carlos Tavares said the Biden Administration’s Inflation Reduction Act had made U.S. investments “Very favorable.” The automaker is eyeing EV proliferation as one of the keys to achieving multiple goals in its DARE Forward 2030 strategy, which includes plans to double revenue and drastically reduce carbon emissions. Read More

The Tesla Model Y is getting Hardware 4.0, an upgraded version of the electric vehicle brand's sensor and software packageTesla’s Model Y is receiving a new series of sensors and software as part of the unofficial Hardware 4.0 package. The EV brand’s new tech suite has already been added to newly manufactured versions of the Model S and Model X, with only the Model 3 still featuring Hardware 3.0. However, despite it becoming a mainstay in the company’s lineup, the automaker has yet to formally announce the upgrade, or provide details on the platform. Read More

Ford is partnering with its dealers to bring 1,000 Escape SUVs to its mobile service platform later this yearFord dealers are preparing to use Escape Crossovers for their mobile service operations. In a Tuesday morning announcement, the automaker said it had partnered with retailers to grow its maintenance fleet by adding up to 1,000 2022 and 2023 Escape SUVs. The brand said the expansion would allow it to tackle roughly 70% of its recall needs by the end of the year. Currently, participating retailers have access to Ford Transit vans, with many reporting higher fixed ops revenue as a result of the service. Read More

For Dealers

When it comes to starting an electric car company, female entrepreneurs across all industries are still facing limited access to investors and funding.Do electric cars have a gender divide?
EV startups have been crucial in revolutionizing the transportation industry. They help speed up the transition to EVs as they work on developing not only cars but also better batteries and charging solutions. The entrepreneurs working for EV startups typically have fresh ideas that mainstream car brands may not, possibly making EVs seem more intriguing to consumers. In addition, various EV startups are also developing other eco-friendly mobility solutions such as electric bicycles and scooters. Read More

Let's delve into the fascinating interplay of psychology and decision-making as we dissect the car buyer's journeyDecoding car buyer personas: Understanding emotional triggers and decision-making factors
Everyone likes to think they’re logical. That their decisions, particularly those with substantial financial implications, like purchasing a car, are based purely on objective analysis. Yet, more often than not, we’re swayed by our emotions. The thrill of a high-performance vehicle, the comforting safety features of a family car, or even the status signified by a luxury brand – all these elements stir emotional responses that guide our choices. Read More

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