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Ford brings AM radio to 2024 models, Tesla falls in reputation rankings, California seeks EPA clearance

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Cody Lusk joins Inside Automotive to discuss the impact politics have on the automotive industry and how car dealers can participateStaying informed: The link between automotive politics and car dealers — Cody Lusk | AIADA
While politics may often appear irrelevant to car dealers, retailers must stay informed on the conversations taking place in Washington, D.C. as even small decisions could have far-reaching effects on the automotive industry. On this episode of Inside Automotive, CBT News anchor Jim Fitzpatrick is joined by Cody Lusk, president and CEO of the American International Automobile Dealers Association, to learn from his birds-eye perspective on the nation’s capital. Watch the full segment here

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reputable TeslaOver the last year, CEO Elon Musk has made headlines for a range of controversies. Still, the world’s leading EV maker, Tesla, may be reaping the consequences of Musk’s messy Twitter takeover and unfiltered online persona. According to a new survey ranking of the U.S.’s most reputable brands, Tesla fell 50 spots to number 62 out of 100 companies on the list, putting it in the “good category” on the score guide. Read More

electric vehicle, electric vehiclesCalifornia legislators representing the nation’s largest electric vehicle market are seeking clearance from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to place an effective ban on the sales of gas-powered cars by 2035. In a letter obtained by Reuters, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) wrote to the EPA on Monday, May 22, asking the agency to approve the rule by exempting the region from the Clear Air Act. Read More

FordFord is bringing back its AM broadcasting radio feature in its EVs in 2024 due to public safety concerns. CEO Jim Farley said on Twitter and LinkedIn, “After speaking with policy leaders about the importance of AM broadcasting radio as part of the emergency alert system, we’ve decided to include in on all 2024 Ford and Lincoln vehicles.” Read More

General Motors and Samsung SDI are poised to build their first joint-venture electric vehicle battery plant in IndianaGeneral Motors and Samsung SDI are poised to build their first joint-venture electric vehicle battery plant in Indiana, after local officials approved massive tax incentives for the $3.5 billion project. While the two companies have yet to announce an official location, St. Joseph County council members agreed to offer the package on Tuesday, May 23, after receiving a proposal to build the factory in New Carslisle, located in northern Indiana. Read More

For Dealers 

Car shopping doesn't have to be stressful. With the right approach, you can help turn it into a fun, engaging, and empowering experience.How to make car shopping more fun for your customers
Car shopping should be e­njoyable, not intimidating. As a dealership owne­r, your job goes be­yond simply selling a car. It includes providing helpful advice­ and fostering an environment whe­re customers fee­l at ease and in charge of the­ir purchases.  Read More

The pressure for greater sustainability in the auto segment comes from multiple groups but arguably began due to the “Tesla effect.”
Lost Pines Toyota’s 275-kilowatt solar panel system // Image credit: Austin-American Statesman

Dealership sustainability: Implementing eco-friendly practices in retail automotive
For car dealerships, sustainability is more than a buzzword; following environmentally friendly practices is good business. It’s an approach that sends a strong positive message to customers and the community and can ultimately help the bottom line. Let’s examine where the “going green” movement and today’s dealerships intersect. Read More

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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