Ram design contest, Reuters EV poll, insurers limit coverage over TikTik trend

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DEL Grande Dealer Group, BeaverExclusive: Del Grande Dealer Group CEO Jeremy Beaver on EV sales, trade-ins, and staff compensation
Particularly in the last few years, dealerships have made enormous strides toward offering the experiences that customers demand, thereby advancing the industry. Jeremy Beaver, CEO of the Del Grande Dealer Group in Northern California, is joining us on today’s episode of CBT Now to learn how his dealerships have adapted and what’s happening today. Watch full segment here.

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design contest

In its annual vehicle design contest, Stellantis is asking students to submit their concepts for “the future of a Ram truck.” The 11-year-old competition has helped shape multiple careers in automotive design, and awards winners with internship opportunities, scholarships and digital art equipment. For 2023, contestants are tasked with creating an electric pickup, coinciding with the reveal of Ram’s first battery-powered vehicle, the 1500 REV. Students looking to participate must be in grades 10-12, and enter their submissions before April 21. Read More

EV one-thirdAccording to a new survey, roughly one third of all U.S. consumers would be open to buying an EV. The consumer poll, hosted by Reuters and Ipsos, found that 34% of Americans would consider purchasing one of the 80 electric models on the domestic market. Political affiliation played a heavy role in predicting buyer sentiments, with Democrat respondents being almost twice as likely to consider an EV than their Republican counterparts. Read More

Two major insurance companies are refusing to cover certain Hyundai and Kia models, after a social media trend caused thefts to skyrocket. Last year, TikTok users discovered that the keyless ignition system in certain vehicles had major security flaws, a revelation which led to the posting of viral videos demonstrating the exploit. Although Hyundai has made several attempts to fix the situation, both Progressive and State Farm have temporarily halted new applications on multiple models made between 2015 and 2021. Read More

scout motorsOn Monday, Volkswagen subsidiary Scout Motors received $1.3 billion in state incentives to build a $2 billion factory in South Carolina. The facility will manufacture electric SUVs and pickups, and is expected to open in 2026. The funds will be used for key elements such as waste management, soil stabilization, a new highway interchange and supply chain systems. CEO Scott Keogh commented that South Carolina was “absolutely ready” for the new plant, and attributed the partnership to the state’s educated workforce and pre-existing infrastructure. Read More

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graphic of EV charger station and electric vehicles combined with electronic patternOpinion: How electric vehicles are changing the state of car culture
Car culture is ingrained in American society. From the toy cars children play with at an early age to the automobiles made famous in movies and TV, these four-wheeled machines are front and center in many aspects of our lives. On the practical side, cars are the reason you get a paycheck. Plus, it’s a business responsible for about 3% of the country’s GDP, employs more people than any other industry, and generates the highest dollar value of exports. Needless to say, cars are a big deal for Americans. But you already know that. Read More

service training5 areas of service training that often get overlooked
Within your service department, you have multiple positions working together to create the seamless experience your customers encounter. To ensure maximum satisfaction, every part of the team must work at optimal levels, which requires constant service training. While it’s common to show employees how to write repair orders, manage time, and schedule appointments, there are five areas of service training that are consistently overlooked. Whether you are training a service advisor, service technician, or service manager, there’s always room for improvement. In this guide, we cover some topics that need more attention. Read More

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