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Toyota shareholder vote, EV driving ranges, DeSantis backs franchises


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Toyota shareholders

Toyota shareholders voted against a resolution seeking to increase transparency of the car manufacturer’s political donations. The automaker has come under fire in recent months for its contributions to lobbyists supporting the fossil fuel industry. If passed, the proposal would have pushed the company to release an annual review of its lobbying activities. Shareholders also declined to oust several Toyota board members, including former CEO Akio Toyoda, over their hesitation to grow the brand’s electric vehicle segment. Read More

NACS connector Tesla's

Multiple charging companies have promised to integrate Tesla’s NACS connector after automakers Ford and GM announced they would adopt the standard starting 2025. A majority of U.S. charging providers, including Blink Charging and ABB Global, are now committed to supporting NACS-based EV outlets, although installation timelines vary between brands. Other automakers have shown some interest in joining the movement, although none have publicly voiced support. Stellantis said it would “continue to evaluate the NACS standard,” before making a decision. Read More

An American Automobile Association study, published Tuesday June 14, found differences in EV driving ranges based on cargo weight. Using a 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning, the researchers found that the pickup’s travel distance was shortened by 25% when carrying loads close to its weight limit. Triple A spokeswoman, Adrienne Woodland, noted that range concerns were (quote) “a top reason” for EV hesitation among consumers, but admitted that the issue affects gas-powered cars as well. Read More

Florida Governor and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis signed off on a state law protecting the dealership franchise system. The legislation, supported by the Florida Automobile Dealers Association, bans most OEMs from using direct-sales models in the region. The policy also gives dealers more freedom when ordering inventory and setting prices. But while legacy automakers like Ford and GM are now prohibited from first-party sales, lawmakers made an exemption for Tesla to continue operations in the state. Read More

For Dealers

Leveraging customer data platforms ahead of Google’s 2024 cookie depreciation
Today, a majority of auto dealerships find themselves at a crossroads as 2024 looms. In 1992, Netscape invented the cookie, which sparked the profitable revolution of online advertising. So, Google’s announcement of its plan to phase out third-party cookies due to privacy concerns has sent ripples across the industry. And don’t think you’re safe with other browsers, Apple and Mozilla are phasing them out too. Read More

If you don't innovate, you’ll almost certainly be left behind. Many of the mighty have fallen and not lived to tell the tale.To innovate or procrastinate ⎯ That is the question
It may sound like heresy, but Henry Ford was a procrastinator. “I need a faster horse.” That was the consumer mantra when the early automobile market was still elite. People didn’t realize that cars were the answer and would soon be ubiquitous. So, when Ford introduced the Model T in 1908, the first gas-powered automobile widely available in the U.S., he thought he had reached his goal of building the “universal car.” Read More

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