Stellantis announces new JV, Michigan facility chosen for EV battery testing, Honda reveals first Acura EV

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Ted Rubins joins Inside Automotive to discuss digital retailing in the dealership and how retailers can effectively communicate with customersAI chatbots and digital retailing: how do customers want to communicate? – Ted Rubin | ActiveEngage
Digital retailing has created hundreds of new opportunities for auto dealers to interact with consumers. But in the age of texting, search engines and artificial intelligence, what do car buyers actually prioritize when communicating with retailers? On this episode of Inside Automotive, host Jim Fitzpatrick is joined by Ted Rubin, CEO of ActiveEngage, a people-powered, web-based live chat and communications solutions provider, to discuss the latest insights and trends in the dealer-to-consumer conversation. Watch the full segment here

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recycling, StellantisGlobal automaker, Stellantis, has announced a new joint venture with metal recycling specialist Galloo. The partnership aims to develop a more circular economy as the automaker aims to become greener by 2030. Together, Stellantis and Galloo intend to implement a service to recycle end-of-life vehicles (ELVs), from former’s brands and other automakers. Read More

Michigan is to be the home of a $72.7 million laboratory designed to be the testing grounds for electric vehicle batteriesMichigan is to be the home of a $72.7 million laboratory designed to be the testing grounds for electric vehicle batteries. The facility, set in Oakland country, will be operated by UL Solutions, a company specializing in testing and certifying EV batteries. Prior to selecting Michigan, locations in Indiana and Ohio were also considered. State lawmakers, who arranged a $1.6 million incentives package for the testing site, attended a groundbreaking ceremony on Monday, June 5. Read More

Acura ZDX Google
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Honda’s next Acura model, the 2024 ZDX, is set to be the brand’s first electric vehicle. The EV will feature Google’s built-in integrations while also enabling native Android apps and over-the-air (OTA) software updates. The next SUV from the performance brand will include Google Assistant, Google Maps, and other apps found on Google Play. Read More

Florida-based dealer Anderson Subaru has delivered its latest donation to the Pensacola Breast Cancer Association
Image Source: Anderson Subaru

Florida-based dealer Anderson Subaru has delivered its latest donation to the Pensacola Breast Cancer Association, an organization it has supported for nine years. The business presented a check for $22,000 to the association’s board members and president on Thursday, April 27. The money will help the charity provide free services, such as mammograms, screenings, education and support, to breast cancer patients. The gift arrives thanks to Anderson Subaru’s annual “Share the Love” campaign.  Read More

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AI, with the right information present, can quickly and easily deliver personalized information to both salespeople and customers.How AI can improve your car dealership’s customer experience strategy
Artificial intelligence is on the horizon and can be useful to car dealerships in many ways. While the speed and automation of artificial intelligence can’t do every job at your dealership, software-driven artificial intelligence has some serious strengths you should know about that will make human employees within your business a lot more efficient. Let’s explore the possibilities for artificial intelligence within a car dealership. Read More

Today, we explore two of the most common F&I mistakes that can happen at any dealership whether with a veteran or a rookie F&I manager.Don’t wait to correct F&I mistakes – Acting quickly benefits everyone
With so many people involved in every car deal, there are several ways that things can go sideways. Between sales, F&I, delivery, etc…breakdowns can occur at any stage in the process. How those mistakes are handled, especially in F&I, can impact your dealerships reputation and how customers view the experience of buying a car from you. Read More

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