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New car sales expected to grow in Jan., Independent probe uncovers issues in Cruise unit, Toyota suspends production

Inside Automotive 

Len Short shares strategies to profit from discounted aging car inventory as dealerships enter discounts on the recent Inside Automotive.How dealerships can more effectively manage inventory risks – Len Short | Lotlinx
Dealerships are in a critical phase as discounts are being applied to aging car inventory. Len Short, the Chairman and CEO of Lotlinx, speaks with anchor Jim Fitzpatrick on the most recent episode of Inside Automotive about strategies dealers can use to capitalize on vehicles that are frequently more difficult to sell. Watch the full segment here

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New car sales are forecast to rise from last January but fall from December as the industry observes a typical drop in demand.This month’s new car sales are set to rise from last January but decline from December, according to a preliminary forecast from Cox Automotive. In early 2023, the auto market was still heavily constrained by supply chain disruptions and manufacturing delays stemming from the COVID pandemic. It was not until the second quarter that conditions became more favorable, allowing the industry to make considerable gains in terms of production and meeting demand. Read More

GM's Cruise AV unit stems from difficulties related to culture and incompetent leadership that have dogged the firm since October.Based on a recent investigation by a third party, regulatory oversights and allegations over cover-ups at General Motors‘ Cruise autonomous vehicle unit stem from difficulties related to culture, incompetence, and inadequate leadership that have dogged the firm since October. Read More

Toyota announced that it will halt the production of several vehicles due to irregular certification tests for diesel engines.
Toyota CEO Koji Sato

Toyota has recently announced that it will halt the production of several vehicles due to irregular certification tests for diesel engines developed by its affiliate Toyota Industries. During certification tests of three diesel engine models, irregularities were found in horsepower output tests, prompting a special investigative team to investigate the matter.  Read More

Toyota chairman Akio Toyoda expects EV market share to reach a total of 30% "no matter how much progress BEVs make."
Toyota chairman and former CEO Akio Toyoda

Toyota chairman and former company CEO Akio Toyoda expects the electric vehicle segment to reach a maximum market share of just 30%, regardless of what the automotive industry does to spur growth. The chairman, grandson of company founder Kiichiro Toyoda, shared his perspective on the global EV market while answering questions during a recent presentation on the Japanese automaker’s manufacturing strategy. Read More

For Dealers 

As we navigate the automotive landscape in 2024, understanding the factors influencing new vehicle affordability is crucial.Navigating vehicle affordability challenges in 2024
The automotive industry is constantly evolving, influenced by market conditions, consumer preferences, and various economic factors. The current affordability crisis is no exception, as trends and data shaping vehicle ownership costs are heavily influenced by these factors.  However, incentives, rebates, and payment analytics demonstrate unique opportunities to help make these vehicles more accessible. Read More

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