CarMax cutbacks, NHTSA investigates Tesla, Buick dealers EV eligibility

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Jonathan Smoke end of year, 2023 predictions auto retailers trendsWhat can auto retailers expect from the market in 2023?
2023 is right around the corner, and on today’s edition of Inside Automotive, Jonathan Smoke, Chief Economist at Cox Automotive, looks back on this year’s auto retail trends today and what they might indicate about the future. Smoke says that “a potential recession is the issue going into the new year.” Which is a nightmare scenario for economists and forecasters. Watch full segments here.


CarMaxStarting off our coverage, after one of the worst years for the used-vehicle market, CarMax has announced cutbacks after its profits fell 86% in the third quarter. Despite a wildly successful 2021, the auto retailer has stopped hiring and canceled buyback plans for its stocks, hoping to save money as it enters into the new year. CarMax isn’t alone in dialing back its operations. Consumers have increasingly abandoned used-car sellers as automakers and dealerships resolved inventory scarcity, forcing pre-owned vehicle retailers to take extreme measures to stay afloat. Read More

Tesla, autopilot FSD
Image Sources: Noah Berger/Bloomberg and David Zalubowski/AP

Up next, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating two more accidents involving Tesla vehicles, over concerns the automaker’s self-driving services were responsible for the crashes. Tesla has faced criticism in the past over the safety of its autopiloting features, with at least one lawsuit claiming the brand used false advertising to promote them. The NHTSA is now researching a total of 41 incidents involving the brand’s self-driving features, 14 of which were reportedly fatal. The company has different versions of the service, one of which costs $199 a month to use. Read More

Buick dealerships Buick retailersSome Buick dealers are refusing to comply with the brand’s electric vehicle demands, preferring to sell their franchises back to the company. Similar to other brands, the gm-owned automaker recently announced dealership requirements for EV eligibility, which included a $300,000 minimum investment for equipment and training. While dealers who failed to meet the requirements would lose their franchise status, the brand has offered to buyout their locations. Although it has not revealed the number of dissenting retailers, Buick has a total of 2,000 locations in the U.S. alone. A similar program by Ford managed to convince roughly two-thirds of its dealership body within the first few months. Read More

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